In all developments, Peak Quality Homes strives to achieve a lower carbon footprint and a lighter touch on the environment and supports the drive towards zero-carbon new homes.

Most Peak Quality Homes sites are 'brownfield', meaning that we demolish an existing building that has reached the end of its life and replace it with a sympathetically designed development that complies with or exceeds the latest standards in building techniques, insulation and energy efficiency. These new homes replace older inefficient buildings with more energy efficient developments providing homes for more people. This in turn results in less demand on green belt land as well as providing homes that accord with modern day living requirements.

Landscaping adds significantly to our green space as well as visual amenity and value. Peak Quality Homes developments typically include communal green space, managed for the benefit of residents.

Here are some interesting facts about household energy consumption:

  • 60% is used for space heating
  • 24% is used for hot water
  • 3% or less for each of lighting, fridges/freezers, cooking, washing machines, consumer electronics

Energy efficiency features in Peak Quality Homes developments have included:

  • Insulation that exceeds statutory requirements to reduce space heating requirements  
  • Aerated shower heads that use less water
  • Dual flush water efficient sanitary systems
  • Energy saving lights in bedrooms  
  • Energy efficient kitchen appliances  

Other environmental features:

  • Sustainable landscaping with water recycling  
  • Cycle stores (to encourage cycling and reduce car usage)
  • Recycling facilities 


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